Episode 1094

Converting and attic space, How to deal with mold, and septic tank care 2 6 2021

Converting an attic space seems simple enough. You might move some insulation away, drop down some wood and start stacking. This could do some serious damage to your home. Let’s talk about the right way to try to use this space.

We then jump into the myths of getting rid of mold correctly and in a safe manner. First, we will put that bleach away. That wont work anyway

Septic tanks are expensive to replace. Let’s talk about how to care for them and keep them working for as many years as you can for trouble free use. Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at https://around-the-house-with-e.captivate.fm/listen

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