Episode 1164

My tricks for keeping your house cool in the summer and DIY Foundation repair

Have a crack in your foundation? Worried about it getting larger? Did you just get a $5000 quote for fixing it and wonder what the options are? We talk about doing the right fix with carbon fiber yourself and making it stronger than the concrete around it.

For more information about these products https://rhinocarbonfiber.com/

As with anything structural if your foundation has more than a small crack you should still hire a structural engineer to asses your foundation so that the right materails are used in the repair and all issues are addressed. You can still do the repair but you will want the expert advice on your situation.

Not everyone has the luxury of central air conditioning or a mini split heat pump. Heck...I didnt until last month either. Here are my tips to try to help you win the battle of a cooler house this summer.

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