Episode 1048

How to track down a leak in an exterior wall, how to deal with hard water, and preventing porch pirates 11 14 2020

Leaks in a wall around a window, door, or even a roof can be tough to track down. There is a way to do some testing before you rip that siding, drywall or plaster off the wall. Eric will give his secrets to do this with just a tiny patch job at best. There is no sense creating extra work for yourself.

Hard water can really tear up your plumbing, plumbing fixtures, water heater, and tubs and showers. The biggest mistake you can make is just running out to the home center to get a softener. Here is what you need to do before you go spend that money for something you might not need.

Then with the holidays right around the corner we are entering into porch pirate season where those packages can just disappear right off your doorstep. Let’s talk about what you can do to slow that down a bit… or even prevent most of it.

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