Episode 1163

It is going to take HOW LONG to get that? Plus rebuild that faucet for free instead of replacing it

Let me save you hundreds of dollars on this repair. Did you know that most faucets have a lifetime warranty? Unless you made the mistake of ordering an off brand from online you can most likely get a rebuild kit and replacement parts in just a few days. Almost always....it is for free. We dive into this project that will keep that money in your pocket instead of tossing something repairable away.

Are you getting ready to start a new project? If you are thining you are going to order in materials and have it here like you did last year or your friends did last year most likey you are going to be shocked. When someone walks into the home center to order cabinetry and they say that order will deliver in 20 weeks the jaw hits the floor. We will update you on the latest common lead times for your next project and when you should be ordering them.

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