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Episode 1220

Skip Bedell from Catch a Contractor and Fox & Friends

Did you ever see Catch a Contractor with Skip and Alison Bidell with Adam Carolla? They spent three seasons busting California's worse contractors that had taken advatage of homeowners. Now you can catch him on Fox & Friends in the weekdays talking about the latest in Home Improvement products.

We get Skip and Alison in the studio to chat about all of this and some of the back stories to some of the bad contractors they caught in those seasons. Plus we talk a little bit about their kitchen they remodeled in their own house with the design help of Eric G.

We then dive into Caroline Blazovsky's birthday party for a few minutes! Make sure and listen to the end where Skip talks about King Water Filters and how they can save you some serious money and give you great tasting water.

All this and more in todays second hour of Around the House!

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Eric Goranson: [:

Welcome skip to around the house. My friend,

Skip Bedell : Hey, thanks for having me guys excited to be here. This is fun.

Eric Goranson: everybody keep your hands inside the ride and poor Caroline. She's going to have to put up with this as well.

Caroline Blazovksy : help me,

Skip Bedell : You get some birthday stuff going on, so that's how it was.

really bad contractors. And [:

Skip. You've been busy, man.

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

Went from busting bad guys, on the job site to now talking about all this stuff that I love, like you guys do on this show, just talking about tools and tips and fun stuff for around the house. And, it's it's been a wild ride. It's been a lot of fun and we're always looking for new stuff to talk about.

Eric Goranson: It's been great, man. It's awesome watching you over there. And you know what I really like, and there's this Caroline and I have talked about this a few times. There are a lot of great people out in our industry out there talking about home improvement. But what I like about you brother is one we're good friends, but two you're the real deal.

There are people out there that are out there pitching the wares that call themselves home improvement experts that don't know which side of the hammer to use to put a nail in

Skip Bedell : The good thing [:

Eric Goranson: Clock is right twice a day.

Skip Bedell : It's true. And I I've been really blessed in that. I do what I love and I've got to build, throughout my life. And I came from a family of builders, my dad and my grandfather both were home builders and carpenters and, boat builders, our family business was a marina. So I watched these guys built wood boats, and, it's just I've been around them my whole life and I love it.

So yeah, as far as, no one knowing my way around the job site and the tool, that's it's just what I do, and You're right about that.

It's funny, like you see a lot of these shows and catch a contractor was really not one of those. I'm happy to say, but they're almost like script, it's a song.

was a great experience. And [:

And I'm just talking about stuff that I love, it kinda gotten to the point now to where I can share information with people. And that's really my thing. I feel blessed to be able to do that every day. It's not like going to work is say, if you do what you love, you're not working right.

Eric Goranson: Yeah. And when I was out there jeez years ago, helping you with your kitchen, that one day that I was out there and watching you put together what it takes to put those segments together, you don't just pop on there with a handful of stuff and open up your suitcase and go chitchat about it.

There's a lot of prep work. I was impressed at how much work you've got to do for five minutes, six minutes a TV, maybe if

you're lucky.

Skip Bedell : It is a lot. And that's really one of the parts that I love about it is that, come up with the stories that are relevant to what's happening around us, relevant for a morning news show. And and then, work out the props and build the sets and build the props.

a job site, a lot of times I [:

a fake, prop wall or, a prop room or flooring or whatever it is that we're talking about tiling. And it is a lot of work, from the storyline to to filling the products that tell the story to like making the set, it's it's a,

Caroline Blazovksy : do it. All right. Skip. Like you can do everything. It's handy that you are handy so you can

Skip Bedell : yeah. It's cool. Because I kinda can build the set and the props and everything, the way I liked it helps tell the story And yeah, Eric you're right. It's a lot of working for it. That we do on TV for three to five minutes can take a month of prep,

Eric Goranson: And then you have to be ready in Caroline. You've done a lot of media stuff, so you get a tube, but I just want to give people a little bit inside the look and then all of a sudden, some stupid celebrity does something overnight in skip Scott. Okay. I'm going to do six minutes right here and he's three minutes into it.

d you're like, oh, okay. How [:

Skip Bedell : Yeah. Yeah. That's yeah. It's live TV, it's we know we don't do recorded everything we do, especially on that show on Fox and friends is all live. So that presents its own challenge in that, look, I got to get the points across. I want to show people about the products and the tips and the things that I like.

But at the same time, I have to work in with their show. And sometimes, there has been like breaking news to where I thought I was going to have five or six minutes to demo like a product. And all of a sudden, we're getting ready to go live. And it's always like the producer leans over and whispers in my ear.

Hey, we got two minutes and 40 seconds? for the segment. So I just want to let you know, speed it up a little bit. And I'm like, Yeah.

I'm going to crunch that six minute segment into two and a half, but that, listen that's what I do. And I Love it. And I'm so blessed to have that platform.

Caroline Blazovksy : What did you flush


toilet on him?

s going to go the day before [:

a sudden it's like, all right, that prep is over now. We're winging it.

Skip Bedell : Yep. We just we're shooting from the hip.

Eric Goranson: Yup.

Skip Bedell : It's like an improv show, to get back to what you're saying before, it's like, when you really know the product it, you don't really have to think about it. And I talk about the stuff that I love. So in that sense, it's easy, I'm just sharing the information and and I love it, man.

I'm blessed to have that platform over there. They're great. Over there. It's they taking me in, it's like a family member and I just love working with them,

Eric Goranson: yeah, it's fun to watch.

Caroline Blazovksy : So I've got a question for you. What's your like, alright, what's your favorite home improvement? Gizmo gadget, the latest and greatest something that you really like right now.

Skip Bedell : Oh, wow.

Eric Goranson: That's a hard one.

at the battery technology on [:

So it's a constant, like it's every day something new comes out that makes the thing from last year old obsolete, so recently it's funny that you asked me this question. We got delivered to our house from ego, which is one. of my big sponsors. They sent us this new battery operated right on lawnmower.

So it's a zero turn mower, which is what a, a landscaping professional would use. It's not just like your regular right on tractor looking thing. It's actually a pretty high tech machine and it's all battery powered. So it runs on six big batteries. And the thing's amazing. It's like it's taken mowing lawns.

It's like riding a go-cart. It's not even like working anywhere. It's so fun. I can't Wait till the grass grows and I'm like, I want to get out there and ride the

Eric Goranson: a minute. Wait a minute. I gotta defend Allie here. You just like it, that she can go out and ride the lawnmower around the lawn for ya. There we go.

s really cool about it as an [:

She took off on this mower and it was like, that was it. That was a glass on my sore for the dishes, everything she was going up more than the neighbor's lawn does have a more, where the hell is my wife.

Caroline Blazovksy : It's instead, you don't have to take your sports car out. Like I'm a sports car enthusiast. So I would love just to take that thing out, put my head, so just music and

Skip Bedell : Yes. Yeah.

you really would because the zero-turn it's you have a control on each hand like picture like tank tracks, so left and right work independently. So you could actually rotate that thing on a dime. You could spin it 360 standing still. So it's just so fun to drive.

seeing now, especially with [:

It's just it's fun, man. It's

Caroline Blazovksy : long does that battery last? Or how long does that battery last skip?

Skip Bedell : They say that a little Mo up to four acres of grass. so that's a lot of grants.

Caroline Blazovksy : I have seven acres. So what would I do? Would I stop and have to recharge? I guess after I was

Skip Bedell : Yeah. So you can have, you could have other batteries on charge, on a charger and then you could just flip it out, just open. It has a trunk in the back, a little hat, you open up, you Pop the batteries down, you pop some new ones in. So while you're mowing the lawn, you keep a couple of others on charge and then you swap them out.

and you can really go indefinitely if you do that,

It's four acres of lawn is a [:

Caroline Blazovksy : have a lot. It's actually like 11 altogether. So with 11 you got about seven it's.

Skip Bedell : Arrogant. You already got

Caroline Blazovksy : I wish

Eric Goranson: it. She already.

Skip Bedell : Yeah no, actually went seven acres of grass. She she measured it with one of the rolling measuring,

Eric Goranson: Yeah,

Skip Bedell : you do the math

Caroline Blazovksy : to,

Skip Bedell : acres of lawn Erik?

Eric Goranson: exactly.

Caroline Blazovksy : when you got to have it paid to be mowed sometimes.

Eric Goranson: here.

Skip Bedell : Listen, That's the Z six. So I could go on and tell you about a million different toys that I've been working with this year in filming and stuff. But that's the one that's really front of mind is that thing is just fun to use. And men, it is a beast. It's just, it's fast. It's great.

Eric Goranson: Yeah.

Caroline Blazovksy : so

and I look at it, I'm like, [:

Skip Bedell : Yeah. Yeah, it really was such a great show. We, over a three-year period, we completely rebuilt. Most of the homes are pretty big jobs and we had done 32 episodes. So 32 homes that we rescued in like an under three year period. So I feel really fortunate to have been part of that experience because, it's really cool making a TV show and, it's fun.

And all the goes along with being on TV. But at the end of the day, we were helping so many people, with that show and you're right. Erica was definitely like a good opportunity for a lot of teaching moments because I've seen it being a professional contractor for decades. I've seen so many stories, so many homes that I've walked into that were exactly.

that case that were destroyed from previous contract.

people are sick, they can't [:

And that's the hardest part is having those relationships with people. So we can, and you probably know this better than anyone. It's not just about you as an individual. It's all those relationships you form to be able to get a project done because there's so


Skip Bedell : right. I've often compared being a contractor to being like a, to being an orchestra leader, cause you'd be think about it there, you're really creating something like you create a piece of music and there's all different parts to that orchestra. You've got the strings and the winds and the percussion and everyone has to play their part and they have to come in right on time.

So if they miss their part on time, you're going to be as the audience, as the person who's living in the project, you're going to be like, Hey man, you missed a beat, so the job of a contractor is to really orchestrate that whole thing, and make sure everyone is there on time.

ne of the biggest challenges [:

And everybody wants to do the big jobs, right? They, everybody wants to make more and more money. But what you have to understand is you have to have the experience or else they just go off the rails. And we've seen as so many times and Caroline have you're inspecting stuff from mold. 90% of that is probably due to someone along the line that worked in that house.

Didn't do something properly and. now they're getting,

Caroline Blazovksy : And that goes with new building. I get clients that move into houses all the time and not just that, but HVAC is a big thing. If the HVAC wasn't installed, it's oversize. Now you've got humidity building up through the whole house. Now the house is damaged. It's a year-end. We've seen it all.

I've seen 30,000 houses. Eric knows. And it's, they're not, I'm not in there for chick Jane. Thanks. But I'm not in there.

Skip Bedell : Eric right on point with the effects, man,

Eric Goranson: My job

Caroline Blazovksy : Tom cruise.

s got a sneaker on the keys. [:

Caroline Blazovksy : He's got my Tom cruise. I love my Tom cruise. He makes fun

Skip Bedell : needs a race.

Eric Goranson: let's jump in,

Skip Bedell : Now, Caroline, listen there, they're building these houses, sealing them up like a Ziploc bag, right?

So it's like you basically creating your own climate, your own environment inside these envelope homes. And unless you do it properly, it's a recipe for disaster. And we've seen so much.

Caroline Blazovksy : you want to hear something so weird? So Eric and I were talking about why aren't we talking about he RVs Eric? We created these environments that were so tight now and the moisture can't get out. So now we've got to put it in humidity control. We've got to put in we have to put in HRVs.

And so now we've seen houses where they're putting in the ERV or the HRV, and they're actually expanding out the vapor barrier. So they're making a reverse balloon. They're popping it off the plywood, or let's say you're using MDF or OSB. And it's actually because you're bringing in all this fresh air, which is supposed to be quote unquote, a good thing.

kinds of moisture coming in [:

Eric Goranson: yeah. Yeah. You start taking that, a house wrap that you have out there and you're actually expanding the house, wrap off the house and breaking the seal along the bottom of the sheeting. And now you're giving a place for moisture to come in.

Skip Bedell : and your vinyl siding looks like a banana.

Caroline Blazovksy : There you go

Eric Goranson: by the way, vinyl siding, I saw this and I thought of you the other day skipped because I just started laughing. It was on social media. Somebody had taken this summer, they're white vinyl siding out in the Midwest someplace and decided they'd paint it black. And it looked like a house fired happened next door.

It was all crinkled up. And it was all laying on the ground because it had actually basically looked like there was a house fire because they had taken that vinyl siding and painted it.

Skip Bedell : got so hot.

Caroline Blazovksy : God.

ing over and you look on the [:

So you don't want that side and to be two buddy tight together. So depending upon the temperature at the time of installation, You need to look at that gauge and you don't want to gap it too tight because if you're doing the installation, let's say in the winter time or the fall, when it's cooler and then the home experience is a big temperature swing in the summertime and the house expands know there's nowhere to go.

So what happens now is you get buckling, right? So I've seen it. I've been called into probably dozens of

jobs over the years to strip housing and resize them because the house look like like a ski slope, on the side of the house. And it's just because people didn't understand really how to properly install it all.

They'll nail it tight. They'll drive the nails right home to the

Eric Goranson: Oh, no room to move.

ou've been doing this a long [:

I got this, I'm not afraid to be up on a ladder. I can hammer, like you were saying before that using the cloth side of the hammer on the siding,

Eric Goranson: Exactly.

Skip Bedell : These are things that you can just drive up the road.

You don't even need to get out of your car when they take measure a level. And you say, good God, look at that house. From across the road.

Eric Goranson: You can see it forever and then they go paint it. And what's funny is, you know what, that's the, I've also seen it when they've gone through and painted it because they wanted to change the color. And ironically, the whole reason anyone would ever want to buy vinyl siding is because they don't want to ever have to paint it.

That's the only thing that's good about it.

Skip Bedell : That's the whole point it's free, right? It's you want it. to look and feel, like freshly painted wood And ha and most of it comes with grain now. So it really looks authentic. The whole idea is that you never have to touch it again. It's get on with your life. Go take a vacation, go spend the summer.

Painting your house.

Eric Goranson: And so they [:

Skip Bedell : Oh

Eric Goranson: because it's strong, right?

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh my God. That's funny.

Skip Bedell : yeah, that's right.

Caroline Blazovksy : I've never seen one like that. That's hilarious.

Eric Goranson: Oh my gosh. And it's just, I'm like and if these people probably knew, if they've got a hundred year old house, he probably have beautiful Cedar siding beneath it that if they would've just torn it off there, there was probably some sighting salesperson that came up and knocked on the door 20 years ago, though.

You need to paint your house, but I can put siding on it cheaper than painting your

house. And they went, where do I write my check?

Skip Bedell : you hit the nail right on the head. Eric, a lot of times you'll go through neighborhoods. You can see someone came through there around the same time. So it's back in the day, like in the seventies it had aluminum siding and then they'd get replacement, vinyl, windows, and it's you can almost see it's like looking at a timetable cause the houses, go through this transition.


Eric Goranson: Yeah.

Skip Bedell : when you see that, you know that somebody came through there and worked the whole block.

l of a salesman. Cause man in:

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

Hey, you know how many times he did houses who are like, especially like back in the eighties. So back in the eighties, people were dry walling over everything sheet, rock returns into the windows and doors. No more case moldings. It's going to be like modern looking and taking a colonial center hall, colonial house.

And they're turning it into a Miami vice house, with glass block and, cheap rock returned, super ultra modern, real high gloss tile. Oh my God. It's so we rip this stuff off, like a fireplace, is sheet rock over the fireplace. You rip it off and there's this beautiful stone fireplace on your own one.

What were you thinking?

Eric Goranson: There's built-ins back there that you had no idea were in there.

Skip Bedell : Oh yeah. Yup.

somebody decided just to, to [:

Skip Bedell : Yeah. Yeah. But you know what? Hey, it's job security, for us.

Eric Goranson: It is

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

Eric Goranson: How crazy is that?

Skip Bedell : That's true. And that's the funny thing about catch a contractor, right? It's it didn't really matter when it came along, that show would have been relevant 50 years ago. It'll be relevant probably 50 years from now. Because as long as there are people doing work for other people and paying money for it, they're gonna, someone's going to figure out how to screw you or, do something.

for less money and make a bigger profit. But in the end you always get what you pay for, and that's really what we tried to show people what that show was like in those teaching moments. There were certain things that we saw many of those 32 homes that we rebuilt. They all made the same mistakes. You can almost go down a checklist and see that most of them were dealing with unlicensed contractor.

king for. Or if they did get [:

They didn't even offer a contract to the homeowners. And that's like the number one thing, it's right in the name, it's a contractor. I'm like, all so let me get this straight on day one. I'd walk in. I'm like, let me get this shirt. So the job was $50,000 and you gave him $50,000, All right. That was your first mistake. Do you have a contract? Not really. What do you mean? Not really. He wrote out, like he did give us a description of kind of what he was going to do.

And I'm like, was it a contract? No. Okay. So we go through those teaching moments, by law, in every state, you have to meet the requirements to maintain your license. You have to take at least a minimum licensing exam. And people think if you're a licensed contractor and here's the misconception, the big mistake that people think, Hey, just because the contractor is a licensed, that he knows what he's doing.

o most of didn't even have a [:

Caroline Blazovksy : or mold

Skip Bedell : or an HKS.

Caroline Blazovksy : like mold

Skip Bedell : Exactly.

Caroline Blazovksy : Sit on the board and people wonder why we try to push all this credentialing. And there's a reason because we want you to at least have some sort of training. I don't care if it's a four day course or whatever. Cause we see it with water restoration all the time they come in and these disasters and these people don't know what they're doing at all.

And they take advantage of all these people in the floods and places where there's hurricanes and they absolutely just make mayhem in these houses. All.

Eric Goranson: up.

Skip Bedell : With a wetback dehumidifier and they say remediation expert

Eric Goranson: It's like a cross the river for me, where I was at the kiss concert last night in Washington

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh, poor baby. Wait a minute. I need to hear that. Where's our music, please. I have to hear this

Eric Goranson: on that one? Okay. Okay. You want the music? Let me get this while I'm talking about

Caroline Blazovksy : I was at the kiss concert.

Eric Goranson: at the [:

There's no task. There's no continuing education. There is nothing. And at least in my state, every two years, you have to have, I think it's 16 hours of continuing education. You've got to get into that stuff. There's actually a very active Our construction contractor board is very active.

They've got people sitting on Facebook. They've got people sitting on next door that are sitting there legitimately trolling out, finding bad contractors, but Washington's a free for all.

Skip Bedell : In most states

there [:

But the questions on the exam really comprised of mostly legal questions. So getting back to what I was saying before, It's right in the name, right? You're a contractor. The one essential thing that you are required to maintain your license is you have to give people a properly written contract. And within that contract requirements, there are elements that have to be there, right?

catch a contract. They just [:

Which in some states they regulate how much you can take upfront. In some states they don't sadly, and this way you get guys taking advantage and then that payment is break. It broken out over the progress of the work. So in a payment schedule, it'll say from demolition to phase one, you're going to pay 20% of the contract.

And upon completion of that phase, then we're going to start phase two. You'll pay another percentage. And upon completion of every one of those phases with when you make a payment, not when the contractor asked you for it, That's really important. And there's so many other elements that have to be put in that contract, but people that made these mistakes, they didn't even have a contract in most homes.

They didn't even have a proper contract. So you can't expect to be able to go into anywhere and litigate. If you don't have a proper contract, it's bad. So that was one of the things that we really tried to educate people about. If you're going to deal with a contractor, number one, make sure they have a license.

Good God, [:

You can look up to see if they're actually valid, have the licenses valid. That's the other thing you want to do, make sure they don't have any suspensions revocation. And then he can also see on that site, what the elements of the contract are. They have to, by law, put certain things in that contract. And that's for your protection as the homeowner, it's also for our protection as well.

As a contractor, if you don't have a contract, when it comes time for. Changes on the contract, any modifications, which we all know, every job has changes as you go down the road. You find the Carolyn, you open up a wall, you find mold, what do you do? You can't just open it up again.

are all things that if don't [:

If you follow these simple steps, it like it's a roadmap for success. The problem is that, it just doesn't happen. And that's where people get in trouble.

Caroline Blazovksy : I'm going to ask you a question, skip. So I don't know much about this, but I've heard about it from other contractors and remediators that I've been working with. They're supposed to be some amazing software out there. Now that helps a contractor develop like a whole protocol when they're out there.

Have you heard about this? So like it's on your tablet, you go out and it literally puts the contract together for you. And it like, you can put like quarter of a time for whatever you're doing, like demo. It was very cool. So I don't, I'm saying this as a layman, but I was wondering if either one of you have heard about it.

Skip Bedell : There are a couple of products out there. Neat. Quite frankly, I don't do I go and estimate jobs and I break it out and I give them a written estimate breakout like a Chinese. menu, if you will. That has,

Caroline Blazovksy : I like Chinese Chinese is good. We're foodies

Eric Goranson: man. Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight?

Caroline Blazovksy : foo young,

r Chinese food. Thanks. Skip.[:

Caroline Blazovksy : some young guy. I don't know.

Eric Goranson: Oh.

Skip Bedell : a whole different kind of menu.

Eric Goranson: Wow.

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

I break it out. I really do. I like to break it out for people so they can see what they're paying for. And a lot of contractors don't like to do that. They just give one overall price. And that's another thing that you should really be looking for is because of a contractor knows what he's doing.

He's not going to be afraid to break out those numbers for you because what the guys who don't know what they're doing, they're afraid that the homeowner's going to say, oh, you know what? Just take that part out. I'll do the demolition take out, what? Take out the electrical. I'm going to do that myself.

And first of all, I don't allow that to happen. If I'm running the job where, Have a network of people that I've worked with for 20 years. And at the end of the day, the responsibility falls on me. So I'm only going to use those people in that network. But I do that. I do that manually, but I know there's some great software out there.

re, they really automate the [:

Eric Goranson: Yeah, my buddy, Ty, who's a really good friend of mine. He, I used to play in bands in Seattle together. He is probably in, and if you're listening, I love your brother. He is probably my most guy that I've, that I know it's the I'm explaining him how to send me something on his phone kind of guy, and heck of a guitar player.

But that's the way he is. And he he took on, he was down at the kitchen and bath industry show found one of those. And he's this saved me so much time on paperwork

Skip Bedell : Oh yeah.

Eric Goranson: because he'd be back there at home with the calculator at 11 o'clock at night, putting bed, putting together estimates. And he's I got my evenings back

Skip Bedell : Yeah

Eric Goranson: thought that was cool.

the apps on my phone so I can[:

Eric Goranson: I was going to say Allie's right around the corner. She's the tech help right there.

Skip Bedell : download this software or

Caroline Blazovksy : we see our hands.

Skip Bedell : this for me. Listen to each his own, but technology is definitely it does make our job a lot easier. So I have strongly considered looking into that. And right now, honestly I have some great people on my team that work with me now. And my time really is shifted, it used to be years ago that I spent the bulk of my time doing, breaking out estimates like that.


now I'm doing, most of my time is in production for these pieces that I'm doing on TV. And I got to say, I'm happy about it. I'd much rather figure out how to build the set, then how to write an estimate.

Eric Goranson: skip. It's a great example. Your kitchen was one of my last kitchens. I designed really out of the last, probably four or five, just

ent. Nothing in this kitchen [:

Every inch of this place has gotta be custom. And that's what we did. And it was cool that you were able to help out and facilitate that because you knew most people would have looked at me and dude, you're crazy. Like that doesn't make

Eric Goranson: now let's do

Skip Bedell : Why would you even do that?

Eric Goranson: and what's cool is we did that whole thing remotely. I didn't walk into your kitchen and go, all right, let's do this and this. It was your sketches, a couple of face, time, live kind of things. And all right, let's go. And man, we had a blast and then coming out and putting it together with you for that day was at least just making some sod, a lot of fun.

hoever you're going to hire, [:

Like we can look, I found mold problems that nobody in Australia in this home could find by just one once over, because you've been doing it. It's like you skip. If you look at a job, you can, you just eyeball it and what's wrong. So maybe this is an opportunity because of COVID for people to be able to work with people across the country that they normally can't get their hair.

To take a look at their house.

Skip Bedell : Yeah, Yeah. Technology is really amazing. Now what we're finding is that even people who aren't using zoom, they're just doing like a FaceTime video call with.

Caroline Blazovksy : Yeah,

Skip Bedell : really enabled us to do exactly. what you're saying. You can have a homeowner walk around the house with that phone

Caroline Blazovksy : exactly. And you see everything.

Skip Bedell : actually physically having to go there.

pools, they're all satellite [:

And I have a lot of friends now that are contractors that are use a lot, utilizing that technology to where they're not even going out anymore. Like I have a one good buddy of mine is a huge roofing contractor here in

Eric Goranson: Oh, it's perfect

Skip Bedell : And he hasn't been on a ladder in years. Yeah. He hasn't been up to estimate a home in person and the longest time, because everything is done from aerial view.

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh, my God. That's

Eric Goranson: now skip what we can do with your kitchen. For instance, now with technology is I could design it out. I could email you over a file and you could throw on a set of VR glasses and you could literally be sitting inside your own living room and standing in the middle of your kitchen, looking around in VR glasses and be able to see it in 3d and be in the space.

Skip Bedell : Wow. That's amazing that I would really like to see. That sounds incredible. So you can actually walk around and look at the room now

d rendering, or I guess it's [:

Eric Goranson: Yeah, an isometric


Skip Bedell : looking at that kind of finished rendering and what it's going to look like, imagine, you're doing it, but I'm thinking like, imagine being able to walk through that space and see it, that's gotta be.

Eric Goranson: that technology is out there now. I I've got a set of VR glasses here that I've done some seminars with and teaching, but yeah, that's been out for oh, about three years now and it's starting to become normal where, a lot of people have VR glasses. The kids are playing their VR video games that can run down and snag the VR glasses from the kids and literally email across the country or the world a file and they can open it up.

And now they're spinning around the kitchen going, oh, you're right. That island is too big for the space,

Skip Bedell : Yeah,

I can totally see it. It's amazing.

Eric Goranson: It's cool. Yeah.

Caroline Blazovksy : we play? Yo we'll have projects with

Eric Goranson: Yes. But we've got to do something first before this,

Caroline Blazovksy : Okay.

Eric Goranson: I got to play song for you because today is Caroline's birthday. Before we get out we'll projects. Yeah. Happy birthday, Caroline.

I've [:

Skip Bedell : Explicit lyrics.

Eric Goranson: Yeah.

ould show happy birthday to. [:

Skip Bedell : Dropkick Murphys.

Eric Goranson: Okay. So now skip. Should we play the rest of the second verse?

Skip Bedell : What was happy birthday?

Eric Goranson: Here's two. Yeah,

Skip Bedell : Yeah, we'll do we use acronym?

Eric Goranson: here we go. a big deal of them birthday. It's time to simmer down and stop back then. Like you on 10 window. You're a really big deal. So let's get in and out of little way for you and nearly 2 million on rent on Sunday, we're like kind of brother and sister here. So I got to throw a little shade on there. I love that. 2 million other people born today,

Caroline Blazovksy : Heather LaClaire

Eric Goranson: a big deal.

Caroline Blazovksy : and Heather Lockley armor,

Skip Bedell : Oh, nice

Eric Goranson: Happy birthday, Caroline.

. So it's the [:

Eric Goranson: Oh, you young and

Skip Bedell : I was going to say

Eric Goranson: the kid of the group.

Caroline Blazovksy : It's

Skip Bedell : To be 49, again,

Eric Goranson: yeah,

Caroline Blazovksy : guys are guys. Oh my God. It's so different. You don't age like these guys all look like Jason MoMA muscles, like you don't know. I'm looking at these guys don't they don't look anything. They don't look a day over. I don't know, 25.

Eric Goranson: We're lucky. That's the nice thing being a guy is James Bond is in his fifties. So

Skip Bedell : salt and pepper.

Eric Goranson: Whew. But here's the thing though, before we play that's the problem though. And that's the dichotomy of the whole situation is that guys tend to be that salt and pepper look or like the in thing, but we're not 20 anymore either. So it's can't we have cross those on the chart a little bit earlier.

If that salt and pepper look was when we were in our twenties came on.

Skip Bedell : Yeah. I think there's actually a there's some

ple naturally go gray really [:

I don't know.

Caroline Blazovksy : he doesn't even know. Eric likes swaying.

Skip Bedell : some seventies

Caroline Blazovksy : your sexy. Yeah. That's your sexy exactly. It's your sexy

Skip Bedell : I'm waiting for Ron Jeremy to pop onto the screen. Now

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh, no,

Eric Goranson: he's in jail.

Caroline Blazovksy : he doesn't write in the gutter. Oh my God. Let's play. We'll have projects that just went in the gutter. Okay. Ladies, help me.

Skip Bedell : what is going to be a morning show. you guys,

Caroline Blazovksy : show.

Skip Bedell : man.

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh my God. My God. Don't I put Tom cruise in there. He just put Tom cruise. Tom cruise is my love.

edell : I don't know how you [:

Caroline Blazovksy : You're mixing 70 porn music with Scientology. What are you doing? You've gone off the rails. The bus has gone rogue. He's gone rogue wheel him in skip he's Roadmaster.

Skip Bedell : Wow.

Eric Goranson: I can't really skip and skip can't reel me in there's the, there's a

Caroline Blazovksy : can skip, can reel you in. I know he

Skip Bedell : Yeah, we're a good match like that. Eric's still on the kiss, a pyrotechnics high from last night. he still has the adrenaline rush from like the fireworks going off under his seat.

Caroline Blazovksy : stop it. Someone take the keyboard,

Rhoda guests pull it away from his hands. All right. We're playing wheel of projects.

Eric Goranson: yeah, Allie's the one that, Allie's the one that ends up wrangling skipping eyes sometimes. And that, that, she's the one that's the look of that thumb coming up over there.

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

needs to come in. Let me see [:

Skip Bedell : He looks beautiful. Just without.

Eric Goranson: was going to say

Caroline Blazovksy : I know she does. I know. Look at her. Look at her. Come on now.

Skip Bedell : I'm going to drag her and

Eric Goranson: There we go.

Caroline Blazovksy : This is the non-judgment non-judgment zone over here.

Skip Bedell : as long as it's never on online.

Eric Goranson: This is not being the video's not recorded.

Caroline Blazovksy : oh, look, she's beautiful. She looks like she's ready to go out partying. She's good. No.

Skip Bedell : natural all the time and she looks great.

Caroline Blazovksy : Yeah. All right. So stay on. Cause we're gonna, we're gonna play, we'll have projects. Okay. And so how this

Eric Goranson: We'll projects. Here we go.

Caroline Blazovksy : And it's my birthday. So we get to play. So we're going to

spend a wheel and so on the wheel, there's all these lovely categories pertaining to a house. So you have to, if it lands on it, you got to either tell a story, talking about maybe a product, a technology pertaining to that house.

But there's [:

Eric Goranson: Hey, now you're ramping it up with tools. We didn't tell them tools.

Caroline Blazovksy : All right.

the other category is truth or dare, and that can get ugly

Skip Bedell : Oh

Caroline Blazovksy : so you're ready. Here we go. Ready. I'm going to

do it. Oh, living room you're

Eric Goranson: oh, we got to talk

Caroline Blazovksy : us a living room story, something to do with living rooms.

ing room was just destroyed? [:

Skip Bedell : Oh, I know the one where the. Would that contractors had to go underneath and we're like keeping their stuff underneath and there was a pocket. Oh, God. Oh my, I think mentally I've made an effort to blank that out in my mind, there was an episode on catch Contra. We have a lots of living rooms, personal construction jobs as a contractor. But one that she's talking about was there was an episode where this couple had this young contractor really very inexperienced come into his house and they were doing a job outside like a stucco job.

He had no. business doing stucco. I The guy stucco looked like it was put on with a flip-flop. It was terrible. When we got there, we had to rip it all. And this was, I don't know if you recall seeing this episode, Eric or Caroline, but this guy, when we actually got them on the job, the first day we started working with them and taking a puddle, it was bad work.

grinder, and we pulled up a [:

man. I'm like, you can't even tell me what this tool is. Let alone, I clearly you can't use it. Cause we're looking at your work right here.

Anyway, get to the living room part. So this particular house had a very odd addition to it. I don't know if it had something to do with maybe like a bomb shelter or something. We did come across some houses out there in California that had like a bomb shelter type of set up underneath the house, like a trap door that went down into a concrete cause most houses out there that we work.

We don't have basements like where we are here on the east coast. Carolyn, we have a lot of. And w and California they don't, for seismic reasons and everything else, a lot of things are built on slab. So this house,

finger ringing. You lift up [:

And here's like this staircase that goes downstairs until this little crawl space area

Eric Goranson: I'm jealous. I want that.

Skip Bedell : Oh no. It's

Caroline Blazovksy : that movie lovely bones.

Skip Bedell : like a

Eric Goranson: I'm like, man, that's a man cave, the card room down in the basement,

Skip Bedell : When the homeowner first popped the hatch open. I'm like, dude, this is so cool. I need one of these things. I can think of a lot of things I could put down there, but I don't want people to find

Eric Goranson: Yeah,

Skip Bedell : Most go along with ammunition. But anyway, so it opens up the store and I walked down there and here's this home Depot bucket, this bright orange

Eric Goranson: Oh, no,

Skip Bedell : on the floor and yeah.

d there was a roll of toilet [:

Caroline Blazovksy : oh.

Skip Bedell : book.

Eric Goranson: smell. Oh.

Skip Bedell : And then even after they repair the house and the whole episode was over and everything was happy, the poor homeowner, despite having the crap in his basement, they also redid the guy's front lawn with special. Oh. my God.

Eric Goranson: Oh, no.

Skip Bedell : Oh,

I totally forgot this part. I don't know if you guys ever heard of this. I know this is another thing that I have mentally blocked out.

I don't remember the name of the product because I don't want to, but this particular side that was delivered to the house was fertilized. They were using a material from water from waste treatment plant.

Eric Goranson: Oh yeah. It is. It is.

Skip Bedell : [:

Eric Goranson: That's the new green stuff. Yep.

Skip Bedell : actually smelled like shit.

Eric Goranson: Yeah.

Skip Bedell : It actually was like, you just walked in on someone in the bathroom. Okay. So imagine this poor guy who had to deal with this job site of people taking a crap in a bucket in his basement. So they go for a week, they're on vacation. They come home and they find a basement full of crap. So that's when he threw the guy off the job, obviously.

So that's when we come in. So now they're producers on this show and I think it was just it would maybe, I don't know, maybe now.

Eric Goranson: it's, but it's, it is one of the new green

Skip Bedell : I would pay the extra money to like, have it fertilized as something else, but so sure enough, they come with a sod truck and they deliver the sod and their role in the sod, out on the guys from long, it was horrific. It was like nothing you've ever smelled.

Goranson: To the west coast. [:

Skip Bedell : listen, there were actually like, it was like an invasion of the flies, the whole front wall. And I'm like I don't even know what to say. I'm like what are you say to that? So when We asked the people who who deliver the side, we were like, what is that smell? And they went on to very proudly explained to us in efforts of repurposing waste and we're being green and we're saving the planet and and I'm like, listen, man, there are a lot of ways to save the planet in this. is not one of them.

awn with that level of stink [:

Skip Bedell : Listen, man, we've all been to farms and places like that. Like manure, especially cow manure is like a regular part of agriculture, right? It is not the same. It's not the same. And when you smell that and your nose identifies exactly.

where that crap came from. At something has something clicked in your brain.

And it's

Eric Goranson: exactly.

Skip Bedell : Imagine, imagine these poor people, that came home from vacation for a week. And they find a bucket full of crap in their basement. And. We send them away on the show for a week as we're going to remodel their whole home and restock all the whole outside of their house. And just a little bonus, a consolation prize, we're going to redo their front lawn for them.

They don't even know cause their front lawn was just like, literally like your, their front lawn. That was really bad. It was like dirt. So we're like, you know what? We had a landscaper come in, we're going to plant some beautiful plantings and things that were like a drought tolerant.


And then they walk up the drive wind to get like within sniff range. And it's you can see the look on their face from excitement, go to what in the actual F is going on. There was a look like, all 30 members of our crew while we were installing and you're filming, it had the same thing.

It was like

Caroline Blazovksy : April


Skip Bedell : So many points. I'm like, this is a bad idea for so many reasons portal like a, we actually doing this a week actually installing this. And Yeah. it was, in The effort to remain green and

Eric Goranson: The good news is people walk in, the dogs are going to be walking along the sidewalk. The is going to come over and go, oh, I ain't going anywhere near that. And they're

going to go down and

Skip Bedell : Yo, listen,

ranson: the neighbor's lawn. [:

Skip Bedell : you're trying to get rid of Jehovah's witness or like anybody coming up, knocking on your door, like people soliciting, I promise you they'll get one step up the walkway and turn around and leave

Caroline Blazovksy : you need that for that guy,

Skip Bedell : sign right there.

Eric Goranson: Oh yeah. I had a pest control guy. I had to call the police on a few weeks ago.

Skip Bedell : Oh,

Eric Goranson: yeah. I've got a nice, I've got a long driveway. I've got a very obvious, no soliciting sign. And he comes up to my door and starts knocking. And of course the dogs start going crazy and I'm looking at my camera and he's ringing the doorbell and knocking and ringing the doorbell and knock.

And I'm like, okay, what's this dude want? So I stick my head out and I'm like, Hey man. And he starts going, Hey, my guys are in the neighborhood here and we'd just, I got this deal.

Caroline Blazovksy : We're just talking about that.

Eric Goranson: And I come over and I, the signs right there, and one of the signs is right there and I knock on it. I go still there. What are the side?

Skip Bedell : Wow.

Eric Goranson: he's keeps [:

Skip Bedell : No.

Eric Goranson: and I'm like, dude, you gotta go. You gotta go. You're trespassing.

And he keeps going the pitch,

he keeps doing the pitch. He keeps going. I'm like, you gotta go. And finally in, luckily my neighborhood, you have to license yourself to be a solicitor. So you got to go down to the city hall, you got to get a permit. I go, are you permitted? And he goes, just keeps going. So I finally ended up calling the police and man, they were here in two minutes and they got him about four doors down.

But yeah, I'm like, dude, Chill out. I think he was being recorded and was getting paid for each time. He got the full pitch out.

ide, but it's like a pyramid [:

And they walk around with their either polo collar shirts and their clipboard. And they're like, Hey, we're doing what we're doing, work in the neighbor's house.

And that's the opening line. That's when you know, so it was a funny story with that, not to get off the living room topic, but I was out working on my own job site one day and one of these people come to our house and they get Alison at the front door.

Now there are all kinds of trucks in my driveway, that a letter with my company name, one of my work trailers in the driveways is home construction. So the guy comes to the door and now he's Allie, I meant she's not afraid to put the brakes. She'd be like, let me stop you right there.

uch. And in fact, it finally [:

Eric Goranson: Ah,

Skip Bedell : and then called up and canceled it. Yeah. But to get him to leave, I had to make an appointment.

Eric Goranson: What you should've done. Skip has had the appointment heading, come over and gotten some friends with cameras and pretend there is a catch a contract and think again,

And then throw that up on social media, go don't solicit my house and not leave. Cause I'm going to put you on,

Skip Bedell : yeah,

Eric Goranson: you can just walk out and go, dude. What's going on? That would have been great.

Skip Bedell : I know, it's this past couple of years, it's I've been doing a bunch of projects at my house. And one of the projects I did a year ago was the whole front entrance to my home where we redid the whole driveway. I took out a bunch of big overgrown trees and we made this long driveway, which all started when we bought Marge, Eric our motor home.

So now.

Eric Goranson: your house by the way. It's amazing.

t of the whole thing was the [:

And I'm like, dude, I'm having my coffee, man. I don't want to talk to anybody right now. And they just come up and knock on the door and you didn't, you see the sign? So now with the gates, it's they physically would have to climb over like a giant barrier. It has cut it down a little bit, it's definitely helped, but you got to have signs out there.

You gotta, not only for the purpose of the nuisance of being solicited, but also from a liability standpoint, these people come onto your property and how many slip and falls are out there. They twist something, next thing you know, you're getting Sued

right? Yeah.


about those guys real quick [:

Skip Bedell : Absolutely. Yeah. King water filtration, unbelievable product that they make a whole house water filtration system. And what really makes it different from others is that it's maintenance free. So there's no filter to change. There's no media to ever change in it. In fact, it's a sealed tank. You can't open it even if you want it to.

So it's a hundred percent maintenance free and it filters out everything in your water, all the contaminants, all the bad chemicals, things like chlorine, and no matter where you live, there's something bad in your water. To spend, depending upon where you live. Some of those things are really bad, like heavy metals.

And as you see it in the news all the time, but one thing we have in common, no matter where you live, every municipality in the country used chlorine to clean the water, to kill bacteria, living organisms. And while it's really effective cleaning those things, it's also harmful to our bodies. If you look at, just Google, like the effects of chlorine and large dosages to the human body and it's unbelievable,

sy : I want to add something [:

And one of the biggest concerns they had was this chlorination by-product. So as your chlorine makes its way down the line, it hits all. Funky biologicals that end up in, it could be heavy metals, it could be, any kind of debris in the water. And so you get this breakdown of chlorination byproducts.

So they're trying paleo methanes and Hailu citric acids. Okay. Those are the carcinogens. And so when you test water, if you're a good water tester, which I claim to be so when you have the best environmental consultant or healthy home expert, you'll be testing for chlorination by-product and that's the right way to do it.

y is the filter not changed? [:

What type of technology, if

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

So the internal mechanisms of that, they have an ionization process that goes on inside that water that basically binds all those particles to the unit has inside of this and then the unit back flushes and cleans itself out. So depending upon it's all kind of computerized and depending on how much flow goes through the water, it knows when to clean itself.

So it actually uses some water to, backflush like you, backflush filter and it washes out all that internal media. And it has these electronic elements that go down inside of it that create this ionization process. So it swirls a water up through a psychotic motion through the media inside of it.

and then you'll wash it out. [:

It leaves potassium and

Caroline Blazovksy : Calcium

Skip Bedell : Leaves, magnesium. at least the things that your body needs to wear. A lot of these other products, they strip everything. It leaves the water like a dead water. So this is really effective and

Caroline Blazovksy : like a reverse osmosis takes everything out and also just to touch on the softener. Yeah. It tastes every, it takes everything out, but the softeners are particularly bad because when you softened water, think about it. People you soften everything that, that water comes in contact with being your pipes.

So now you start to leech out copper, you start to leach out OLED, if you have an older system. So that becomes really problematic. So I don't like softeners. I never did for many reasons. And most of the time, like you don't need them

ce it. The salt eats away at [:

You have to have it because the water is so hard. And there's so many things in the water that are destroying the appliances. And so it's good to have the softener, but the byproducts of it is not good. So this machine with king, it's one of the only ones out there, especially within this price point that does the job of the softener.

It takes all the. Products out of the water that are damaging your appliances, but without using any salt. So you never have to edit anything to it. And that's a big thing too. You're not going to getting these

Eric Goranson: Ah,

Caroline Blazovksy : bags of salt.

carry it out, load the cart [:

Skip Bedell : Yeah. And what made it.

Eric Goranson: full assault.

Skip Bedell : Many people don't realize that the softener is not filtering out the contaminants like the filtration system goes. So a lot of them have to have a secondary system that also filters that either has filters that have to be changed. So there's always a lot of maintenance for those systems and they're expensive.

Yeah. They have an aura system attached to it. So this is like a one-time deal. You set it, forget it. And you're done. And it's very high quality, very good warranty. Most of the products come with a 20 year warranty. So if some of them are lifetime so it's really the innovation that goes into this as amazing it's maintenance free.

e this thing is big, is that [:

And that's important because a lot of the contaminants that we take into our body, we take in through our skin and we absorb it. And while we're in the shower. and we're taking a hot, steamy shower, we absorbed the vapors and we inhale the vapors into our lungs. So now imagine a contaminants in that water is now vaporized, which means is highly condensed and it's much stronger.

And now you're inhaling it into your lungs and it's going directly into your bloodstream. So taking a 10 minute shower studies have shown that the human body can absorb through the skin and through our lungs up to 10 ounces of. Don't just order through absorption and through inhaling, which is insane.

If you think about how much chlorine that is into your body. So filtering all the water, not just the water that you drink, as Carolina's

hrough your skin. It's real, [:

So 26 seconds or less any chemical, and this goes to women to anything we put on our skin is in our bloodstream, in our body within 26 seconds or less. And women we do, Alison can attest, we put so much stuff more than men do on our bodies and it's bad. And that's why you start to see all the breast cancer and everything else that's happening because we just load ourselves up with, toxic stuff.

Eric Goranson: Oh, you mean like my break, clean

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh yeah. You're.

Eric Goranson: my break clean every time I'm working on the car and I got break clean out using that nasty stuff.

Skip Bedell : Yeah. Yeah. It's, that's what, there's so many medications that are topical, that absorbed through your skin because your body is like a sponge. And, guys, it's really our job as people who have experience in this to educate the public, because just the facts that you just hit right there, Caroline.

e people out there listening [:

And if they said, Hey, do you want a glass of water? You'd run a glass underneath the sink right in the kitchen. Because you just know you either want it from a filter of source. Like we think like the refrigerator, or, I'll take a bottle of water, but you just inherently know now not to drink the water that comes out of the faucet.

If you were to go and check into the hotel right now, would you put a glass that give you the, in this, in the bathroom with a little ice, would you run it underneath the kitchen, underneath the bathroom sink and drink it? hell no.

Caroline Blazovksy : Heck no.

Eric Goranson: Well,

Skip Bedell : Everybody knows that. But very few people know more importantly, or just as importantly, you have to filter the water that comes in contact with your skin and what you breathe.

ting a homeowner, check this [:

After her filter, she had purchased this $3,500 water filter, which was a scam. Okay. Doctor had recommended it and she's I put it on and she's I just want to check it. It was an aro with a hydrogen. I th I believe it was a hydrogen. It also made hydrogen water. This is like a big thing. Now people think if you drink high hydrogen water, it's healthy.

So she's I want to test it to make sure my water is good. So I run the water and it comes back with high levels of benzene. And for people who don't know what benzine is, benzene is a carcinogen and it's very typical. And, gasoline automotive products, we use it a lot, but it's bad stuff.

And you don't want it in your. I'm like that's weird. So I had to look because she lived in New York city, so there was a garage, underneath her. So I go, believe it or not. When you test water all the time, sometimes your water will come up positive for chemicals only because it's airborne.

you're just pulling a water [:

You sample at the same time, right? So you're taking a sample of water that doesn't come out of the tap next to it. And then one that comes from the top. And you're checking to see if it's in both samples, if it's airborne. So it wasn't, so it wasn't airborne. It wasn't coming from the garage. I did air samples in our house as well to make sure there was no benzene in the air.

And it was coming from this filter. Low and behold, I tested now. I'm like where's this coming from? I go to test all the other water treatment in the water supplies in the house. And there's no benzene in any of the other water, only where the filter is. So I'm like, holy hell. I'm like, this is coming from the filter.

This company put out a filter system that basically was contaminating her water. So I had to go, I had to get the water. The there's a EWA, which is like a water advisory board. I had to get them involved. I had to contact the. I basically told them that their PR that their purifier was for shit, excuse my French.


So if you know a company I'm going to recommend that to people, because there's a lot of just bogus companies out there producing water filters, and that's good to know. There's somebody good doing it.

Eric Goranson: Yeah,

Skip Bedell : this is a really high quality product. I'm so proud to get behind it. And I have it in my home and I got to tell you the quality of a water since we started using this is like hands down is night and day noticeable. I can feel it on my skin, my hair, you can taste it when you drink the water. And they're just they're a great company to work with.

tabase. And they'll tell you [:

What's in your water, where

Caroline Blazovksy : Oh, what's around it. Yeah.

Skip Bedell : Yes. And what type of filter that they have that is right for your home, where you live and they make a number of different levels of filtration. If you're on a well system, or if you're on a municipal system, the systems are different. I can't highly, I can't recommend enough king water filtration.

These guys are just experts when it comes to filtering water. And the best part is right now, their product is becoming available in home Depot. So they're rolling out in a lot of depots around the country. I believe the beginning of October, so you're going to see them All over in depots. And of course you can find them on king water, just an amazing product, check it out, do some research on it.

And I have a bunch of videos on it, as far as installing it, I've talked about it many times. And by far is the one that I would recommend as the one that I use in my own home.

Eric Goranson: right, skip. Hey, we are running out of time. As always we have blown the schedule. It's just like when I was over at your house,

Caroline Blazovksy : forever.

Skip Bedell : Yeah.

Eric Goranson: So Caroline [:

I'd been up for 30 hours. Rami I'd had cocktails. I was a hot mess. It was a blast though.

Skip Bedell : Yeah, we had a lot of fun doing That podcast. Those podcasts are, even though we're not recording them anymore, you can check them out, hammer nails.

you can pick them up where they're on on,

Eric Goranson: on iTunes

still. Yeah.

Skip Bedell : I think there's about a hundred, 120 something episodes. And we had a lot of fun and we interviewed a lot of different people and we had fun. doing it. So thanks for coming on Eric. It's

Eric Goranson: Yeah. That was

Skip Bedell : and

Eric Goranson: always fun.

So if you have a killer website, let's give that out here before we go. So people can track you down if they want to see some of the.

ideos, takeouts from catch a [:


Eric Goranson: All right. All right. Skip an ally. Thanks for coming on guys.

Skip Bedell : Happy birthday, Caroline. Take care guys.

Eric Goranson: All right. I'm Eric G

Caroline Blazovksy : I'm Caroline.

Eric Goranson: and you've been listening to around the

Caroline Blazovksy : Around the house.

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