Episode 929

Published on:

25th Apr 2020

What is collecting and what is hoarding... plus an East Coast West Coast design summit. 4 25 20

We start out the show with former journalist and is heavily involved with the LeMay Family Collections at Marymount , Eric Lemay. We will dive into collecting and what is a collector and what is a hoarder... and what is a saver.

Check out Eric Lemay's podcast right here: http://levele.libsyn.com/

For More information about The Lemay Family Collections at Marymount www.lemaymarymount.org

Then later in the show we talk with my good friend, Interior Designer, Melody Vaughn from Melody Vaughn Interiors in Harlem New York.

We are going to talk about how our current situation will change how we live in our homes and so much more.

Check out Melody Vaughn Interiors right here: https://www.melodyvaughninteriors.com/

These interviews would never have just fit into a one hour show so stay tuned for the full interviews right here later this week.

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